• Nydri waterfall

    Ράχη, Nidri 311 00, Greece .

    Dimossari Waterfalls of Nydri Lefkada: Lefkada has abundant storage of underground water which is one of the principal reasons why a major part of the island is lush with greenery. The high mountains that abound in Lefkada are the sources for many waterfalls that cascade through the mountainous terrain and finally ending up into the sea. One such gorgeous cascading waterfall is the Dimossari waterfall that can be found on the outskirts of Nydri. It ends up into a gorge which is replete with white rocks.

    The trail on foot to the waters along the silhouette of the pine trees is splendid. Close to Dimossari Waterfalls there is the seaside village of Nydri. 

  • FLY ME sun&stars bar

    QJ58+6F Exanthia, Greece .

    In the village of Exantheia , above the clouds of your favorite restaurant "Rachi" and next to the mountain slope of the paragliding that travels you to the beautiful western beaches, the all-day cafe-bar  FLY ME   opens its wings and welcomes you in a big hug. ..


    RPM5+QP Lefkada, Greece .

  • Dennis watersports

    PP78+C8 Nydri, Greece .

    Watersports, boat renting, family fun

  • Nydri's marina and port

    PP45+9X Nydri, Greece .

    Nydri's vivid marina and port full with restaurants, coffee shops, and colorful people.

    From here you can also catch a ferry to one of the islands near by during the day and hop-on a party boat late at night time.


  • Porto Katsiki

    JG3X+5H Apollonii, Greece .

    Porto Katsiki is one of the main beach attractions of Lefkada and among the top beaches in greece and in the Mediterranean. It is located 44 km southwest of the island's capital and close to Athani village.

    The natural beauty of Porto Katsiki offers one of the most impressive themes that Lefkada is famous for. Abrupt white cliffs form a wild yet magnificent backdrop and a unique antithesis with the deep blue waters of the Ionian. Lush vegetation covers the surrounding area creating one of the most idyllic landscapes in the world.